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Before You Visit

Welcome! It is important to us that everyone who visits the Beloved Community at The Trees feels welcome and included. Below are a few things you may find helpful before your first visit. We are also happy to schedule a time to chat with you about our community, services, or any other questions you may have. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Who are we?​​

The Beloved Community at the Trees is an Episcopal faith community exploring together what a life of faith "outside of the Church" may be. We believe that all are welcome, regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, ability, faith background or belief.  ​Our community is supported by our sending parish, The Church of the Nativity (Raleigh, NC). 

What do we believe?

We believe that God loves you! Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we believe that all people are God's beloved. And, we believe that we learn more about God, love, one another, and ourselves through community.


Where do we meet?

We meet at The Trees, a beautiful, wooded facility just outside Durham, NC. The Trees is a

community project of St. Philip's Episcopal Church, who graciously provides this space for us

at no cost. 

The driveway can be easy to miss on your first visit.  Be sure to look for our sign by the



When do we meet?

We gather each Sunday between 4:45-5:00 PM for a time of contemplative prayer. Following this

short time of prayer, we will move into worship, which includes reading of scripture, discussion,

and Eucharist. Immediately after worship we will share a meal of soup and bread.  

What to expect?

When you arrive, expect radical hospitality. That's our goal. Once you make your way up the long driveway, come on in.  We will gather around 4:45 PM on Sundays for a time of quiet and contemplative prayer. Then, around 5:00 PM we will move into a time of worship, including a lectionary discussion and Eucharist.  If you've never done either, don't worry. It is our practice to learn together. We expect non-traditional church to be awkward for us all. After the conclusion of worship we will move into a shared meal of soup and bread. You don't need to bring anything with you, but you may want to bring your phone and/or tablet (see below). Most importantly, expect to be welcomed and acknowledged as one of God's beloved.  

What should I bring?

Bring yourself!  We will have everything else ready for you. It is our hope to remain as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, we will do our best to limit printing. We encourage anyone who feels comfortable to bring their phone or tablet and view the bulletin online. We'll have a QR code ready for you at the door. However, we understand that this isn't everyone's preference and will have a small number of printed bulletins available.  

What are our core values?

  • We are a Jesus centered community.

  • We believe that all emotions are welcome.

  • We strive to practice intentional inclusivity.

  • We practice radical hospitality.

  • We believe that what we need is already here among us. 

  • We believe in the power of being led by the Holy Spirit,
    if not why bother.

  • We understand that forming community and "reconstructing"
    Christianity is risky work. 

  • We understand that this will be awkward at times. 

  • We will name evil (that which is not of God). 

  • We believe that everyone is loved by God just as they are.

  • We will strive to be environmentally friendly in all ways. 

What if I don't know "how to do church"?

What a gift you'll be bringing to our community! So many of us are conditioned to think of church as being one way or another. We view it as a gift to all of us when someone joins us with new eyes, new questions, and an open heart to what a faith community can be. And, it is our goal to learn together and to learn from one another. So, even if you have never attended a worship gathering, we know that you bring something we need.  


We look forward to meeting you soon! If you have any other questions about The Beloved Community at The Trees, please contact us.  

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